Top 10 developer positions companies hired this year

Demand for application developers has skyrocketed, according to an OutSystems report.

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The number of applications predicted for delivery in 2019 has increased by 60%, and 38% of IT professionals plan to deliver at least 25 apps this year, according to an OutSystems report released on Tuesday.

The report surveyed more than 3,300 IT professionals across six continents, with the majority (80%) of respondents being application developers, managers, or IT leaders responsible for application development and delivery. Respondents cited challenges associated with application development, delivery speed, digital transformation, and attracting and developing talent, the report said.

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Respondents reported the top disruptive forces in development as significant changes in customer preference, disruptive regulatory changes, disruptive cyber attacks, digital disruption from established competitors, government budget cuts, and more.

"Our 2019 survey shows that many IT departments are facing a multitude of disruptive forces when it comes to digital transformation and application development," Steve Rotter, CMO for OutSystems, said in a press release. "The threat of digital disruption and the need for digital transformation has been a driver of IT strategy for years. Add to that the current uncertain global economic outlook, and it becomes obvious why business leaders are so concerned about agility today."

Along with the fear of disruption comes the fear of a talent gap. Some 75% of respondents said application development talent is scarce, with only 36% of organizations saying they have larger application development teams now than last year, the report found.

The report identified the most in-demand developer positions hired over the past year, to help guide candidates in their skills development and job search:

  1. Web developer (67%)
  2. Full-stack developer (42%)
  3. Mobile developer (40%)
  4. API/Integration backend developer (39%)
  5. UI/UX design specialist (27%)
  6. Low-code developer (27%)
  7. BI/Analytics data scientist specialist (26%)
  8. Cybersecurity specialist (18%)
  9. Artificial intelligence/machine learning specialist (16%)
  10. IoT specialist (9%)

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