Jay Garmon’s rankings of the best and the worst Star Trek movies and episodes were some of the most popular Geekend posts of the year. See what else made this most-read list.

1. The 11 Star Trek movies ranked worst to first

We’ve assembled a roll call of the worst episodes of every single Star Trek series. Now it’s time to measure the worst and the best of Trek’s silver screen adventures.

2. The five best Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes of all time

Jay Garmon ranks the top five episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. See if your favorite TNG episode is on his list.

3. 20 things that make Dr. Sheldon Cooper TVs biggest geek

What makes The Big Bang Theory‘s Dr. Sheldon Cooper so geeky? TechRepublic contributor Edmond Woychowsky shares his list of top 20 reasons.

4. 75 words every sci-fi fan should know

Jay Garmon gathered a list of 75 Words Every Science Fiction Fan Should Know. Because if you’re going to learn obscure words and concepts, it may as well be terms you’re actually likely to use.

5. The top 20ish geek holidays to celebrate in 2012

Every day is a great day to be a geek, but these subcultural holidays double down on the dorkiness for infinitely more fun.

6. The top 25 best selling video games ever

Note: This was published Sept. 25, 2007.

7. The five best Star Trek episodes EVER!

Behold the five greatest Star Trek episodes ranked fifth to first.

8. The Geekend’s fall 2012 sci-fi and fantasy TV preview

Which fall 2012 sci-fi/fantasy TV shows should earn time on your DVR hard drive, and which are unworthy of even Internet forum scorn?

9. The five best Star Trek Voyager episodes of all time!

Even Voyager haters have to concede the show flirted with greatness at times, as these five episodes ably demonstrate.

10. The five best Deep Space Nine Episodes of all time!

The five Deep Space Nine episodes that defied typical Star Trek boundaries and defined the franchise’s most daring and unorthodox spinoff series.

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