1. San Francisco IT worker arrested in hijacking of city network (CNET)
  2. Intel’s second quarter delivers; Cheap laptop demand up (ZDNet)
  3. Study: Six IT fields in top 20 recession-proof professions (Computerworld)
  4. The end of Mac clones: Apple sues Psystar (ZDNet)
  5. Sun: Business isn’t so bad (ZDNet)
  6. Apple’s MobileMe lacks true push syncing (TechWeb)
  7. iPhone 3G: Sold out in 21 states (Fortune)
  8. Intel’s Centrino 2 + WiMAX could break the Luddite telcos (ZDNet)
  9. iPhone 3G unlocked with SIM adapter (ZDNet)
  10. Kurzweil: Humans will be more machine than biological by the 2030s (TechRepublic)


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