1. First hints of Microsoft’s “fight back” ads appear (ZDNet)
  2. Study: IT jobs will drop in 2009 (Computerworld)
  3. Apple tops estimates; Mac shipments surge (ZDNet)
  4. IDC survey proves open source software as viable business model (CNET)
  5. Apple hints at lower prices as iPod, notebook refresh on tap (ZDNet)
  6. XP is faster than Windows Server 2008 is faster than Vista (InfoWorld)
  7. GM partners with utilities to advance plug-in hybrids (CNET)
  8. Sandisk: Windows Vista not optimized for solid state drives (CNET)
  9. IBM continues to feed Novell with Cognos roll-out on SUSE Linux (CNET)
  10. Hot IT specialty: E-discovery (TechRepublic)


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