Top 10 IT headlines

  1. HP unveils new PCs in massive product roll-out (CNET)
  2. Apple unveils iPhone 2, both the phone and the business (CNET)
  3. Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G (updated) (ZDNet)
  4. PS3 chip powers world’s fastest computer (ZDNet)
  5. Kaiser links with Microsoft HealthVault (ZDNet)
  6. Skype: We can’t comply with police wiretap requests (CNET)
  7. New proof: Office 14 slated for 2009 (ZDNet)
  8. Sun’s John Gage joins Al Gore in clean-tech investing (CNET)
  9. IT is from Mars; Business is from Venus (ZDNet)
  10. Cautionary tale: Is encryption part of your strategy yet? (TechRepublic)


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