1. Intel: We’re not holding back USB 3.0 (ZDNet)
  2. Congressmen accuse China of hacking their computers (Computerworld)
  3. Steve Jobs: it’s time we design our own iPhone and iPod chips (AppleInsider)
  4. Google CEO says “Don’t Be evil” is misunderstood (ZDNet)
  5. What’s coming in Internet Explorer 8 for IT professionals? (IEBlog)
  6. Intel Plans For Graphic Computing Without A GPU (Computerworld)
  7. iPhone 2.0 lets open source in through back door (ZDNet)
  8. Schmidt: It’s Google’s duty to help fix ad business (CNET)
  9. E-mail security shouldn’t be this tough (TechRepublic)
  10. Cities take lead in climate change (CNET)


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