Top 10 IT headlines

  1. Live blog: Steve Jobs at Apple WWDC 2008 (CNET)
  2. Cisco to unveil alliance Monday for WiMax stimulation (Computerworld)
  3. Microsoft apologizes to Open Source Initiative for policy violation (ZDNet)
  4. A proposal for Twitter: Shut it down (CNET)
  5. Nvidia, AMD vie with Intel over USB 3.0 (CNET)
  6. Can Xerox grow past its copy roots? (CNET)
  7. WiMax, LTE should merge, Intel exec proposes (TechWeb)
  8. Waste not. ElectraTherm turns “waste” heat into an electricity source (ZDNet)
  9. T-Mobile sues Starbucks over Wi-Fi deal (CNET)
  10. The value of IT in tough times (TechRepublic)


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