Top 10 IT headlines

  1. Can Microsoft win over enough developers to change the paradigm? (TechRepublic)
  2. Business PCs are going nowhere fast (ZDNet)
  3. Why are we ignoring Moore’s Law? (TechRepublic)
  4. Here comes the government to fight cybercrime! [shudder] (TechRepublic)
  5. Microsoft to raise Windows Small Business Server price 80 percent (ZDNet)
  6. Earthlink finally pulls out of Wireless Philly, but all is not lost (ZDNet)
  7. ReactOS no threat to Windows (ZDNet)
  8. Does Larry Ellison have the best SaaS strategy? (ZDNet)
  9. SOA market passes $2 billion mark, whatever that means (ZDNet)
  10. A new take on ‘Web 3.0’ ? (ZDNet)

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