Top 10 IT headlines

  1. Developers slow to build on Windows Vista (TechRepublic)
  2. Nine more municipal Wi-Fi networks slated for closing (TechWeb)
  3. Microsoft: Half of Exchange inboxes to be Microsoft-hosted in five years (ZDNet)
  4. Apple cleaning up in $1,000-plus retail market (CNET)
  5. SMS on the rise in the US, but mobile IM is expected to be the next killer app (CNET)
  6. A peek into the Google search factory (The Official Google Blog)
  7. Google execs stew over Microsoft response (CNET)
  8. Windows 7: The information lockdown continues (ZDNet)
  9. Intel Itanium to go quad-core in early 2009 (CNET)
  10. Google Health launches; Read the terms of service (ZDNet)

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