Top 10 IT headlines

  1. Cisco gets into open source in a big way (CNET)
  2. Rumor: Tablet Mac coming this fall (updated 3x) (ZDNet)
  3. Close to half of government laptops encrypted, 1.2 million more to go (TechRepublic)
  4. Solid State Drives: Samsung may accelerate adoption just in time for Xmas (ZDNet)
  5. Windows 7 to have support for Virtual Hard Disks (ZDNet)
  6. New York Times joining the social networking fray with API (MediaBistro)
  7. Two of world’s richest nations crawl to catch up with VCs (ZDNet)
  8. In search of: Startups that could upend Google and Microsoft (ZDNet)
  9. Don’t expect a flood of Mac open source (ZDNet)
  10. Tips for successfully managing remote teams (TechRepublic)

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