Top 10 IT headlines

  1. Microsoft readies new ‘don’t blame Windows’ tool (ZDNet)
  2. Google opens app engine to all, details pricing (Computerworld)
  3. Apple reportedly looking at solar power for mobile devices (TechWeb)
  4. Gates to spend 20 percent of his time on Microsoft projects in retirement (CNET)
  5. Firefox 3 RC2 on tap, final ship in mid June (ZDNet)
  6. Cisco confirms possibility of IOS rootkits (ZDNet)
  7. Microsoft exec predicts big growth for Windows Mobile (CNET)
  8. Podcast: Which cell phones give off the most radiation? (CNET)
  9. Google’s obfuscation on privacy (ZDNet)
  10. Windows XP to fall off retail and OEM lists in 5 weeks (TechRepublic)

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