Top 10 IT headlines

  1. Dell delivers: Is a turnaround in sight? (ZDNet)
  2. Google bets future on improving Client, Connectivity, and Cloud (ZDNet)
  3. Xerox: Gel ink will be the future for printers (ZDNet)
  4. Google’s plugin craze (ZDNet)
  5. Is Microsoft putting the OS ahead of the technology with Windows 7? (TechRepublic)
  6. Twitter clears Ruby on Rails on scaling wrongdoing (ZDNet)
  7. Competition returns to the Linux market: Novell’s Linux business up 31 percent (CNET)
  8. 10 ways to secure your Linux desktop (TechRepublic)
  9. Dell sees IT spending slow through summer 2008 (eWEEK)
  10. Eight resume tips for the experienced IT pro (TechRepublic)

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