Top 10 headlines

  1. Yahoo stock plunges after Microsoft backs off (New York Times)
  2. Google to Verizon: Don’t shirk open access responsibilities (CNET)
  3. IBM reshuffles its executive deck (CNET)
  4. Could Sprint ditch Nextel? Makes sense (CNET)
  5. Apple gets top marks for tech support (TechWeb)
  6. Dell set to give Inspiron notebooks a Penryn kick (Computerworld)
  7. Apple’s iPhone lands in 10 countries via Vodafone pact (ZDNet)
  8. Yahoo-Google tie-up may not be so close (CNET)
  9. OpenSolaris: What Ubuntu wants to be when it grows up (ZDNet)
  10. HP Launches ‘Extreme’ Storage System (TechWeb)

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