Top 10 IT headlines

  1. The new Clearwire: Mobile WiMAX in the U.S. gets major cash infusion (TechRepublic)
  2. JavaOne: Sun rolls out JavaFX (CNET)
  3. Cisco third quarter ‘steady’ (ZDNet)
  4. Cisco still cautious about U.S. economy(CNET)
  5. AMD says Intel paid PC makers to boycott rival (TechWeb)
  6. Apple and AT&T to launch iPhone 3G a lot sooner than we think? (The Boy Genius Report)
  7. Microsoft resumes XP, Vista updates (CNET)
  8. Microsoft is winning the NAC war, expert says (Network World)
  9. HTC Diamond takes Windows Mobile to the next level (ZDNet)
  10. Is Enterprise Software Recession-Proof? (CNET)

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