Top 10 IT headlines

  1. IT must prepare for $200-a-barrel oil and a rise in remote workers (TechRepublic)
  2. Microsoft still shopping; Approached Facebook (ZDNet)
  3. Microsoft going it alone? Not exactly (ZDNet)
  4. AMD Plans 12-Core Server Chip In 2010 (TechWeb)
  5. Dell expands virtualization offerings (eWEEK)
  6. Top Instant Messaging applications in the enterprise (TechRepublic)
  7. How one vendor learned to stop worrying (about open source) and love Microsoft (Computerworld)
  8. Microsoft Live Mesh to get more competition — from Sun (ZDNet)
  9. Podcast: How 4G will affect the rest of us (CNET)
  10. I updated Windows XP with SP3 and nothing bad happened (TechRepublic)

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