Top 10 IT headlines

  1. Microsoft shares more IE8 security details (ZDNet)
  2. Wall Street: Too much sway over the tech sector? (ZDNet)
  3. Does the GPL still matter? (Techdirt)
  4. Underground marketplace sells your personal data for a hefty profit (TechRepublic)
  5. A rundown of ‘L’Affair Microhoo’ (CNET)
  6. Mark your calendars: Microsoft to push Office 2007 SP1 on June 16 (ZDNet)
  7. A modest proposal to fix Dell’s customer service (CNET)
  8. Samba 3.2 reflects open source project’s ambivalence toward Microsoft (ZDNet)
  9. New Dell Inspiron consumer laptops leaked! (hint: thin) (ZDNet)
  10. XP SP3 cripples some PCs with endless reboots (Computerworld)

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