Ever had to decide on a web host for your company’s site but were befuddled by the huge range of offerings on the saturated web hosting market? What exactly is the difference between that $4.95/month and the $49.90/month package anyway? Does it all boil down to disk space and bandwidth only – or is there something more?

Well, if you ever had a personal site of your own, you know that not all web hosts are created equal. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes some trial and error before getting the right host for you needs. If reliability and uptime ranks among your requirements however, perhaps the below ranking of the “most reliable” web hosts will help you narrow your search a little.

The above table and measurements come courtesy of Netcraft. Performance measurements are made at 15 minute intervals from four separate locations around the Internet, with averages tabulated over a 24-hour period.

The results were based on the entire month of April 2008.

[Source: Netcraft News]


Netcraft is an Internet services company based in England. According to the Netcraft Web site, it is funded through retained profit and derives its revenue — other than advertising on its Web site, from providing Internet security services and providing research data and analysis on various facets of the Internet.