The top posts in Data Center for 2012 were, unsurprisingly, almost all about the latest Windows releases — Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.

#1 How to use Image Backup for Windows 8

Derek Schauland details the steps for using Image Backup for Windows 8 to create an image, create backup media, recover files, and transfer files.

#2 How to navigate Start in Windows Server 2012

Scott Lowe offers some tips for IT Pros new to navigating Start in the Windows Server 2012 environment. Here are some of the basics to finding your way around.

#3 How to manage employee photographs with Active Directory

John Joyner explains how to use the built-in features of Exchange 2010 with Outlook and Lync to add and manage employee photos in your organization.

#4 How SAS, Near Line (NL) SAS, and SATA disks compare

Scott Lowe breaks down the differences in reliability and performance between SAS, Near-Line SAS, and SATA drives.

#5 Microsoft announces four Windows Server 2012 editions: What you need to know

Scott Lowe explains Microsoft’s new licensing for the four editions of Windows Server 2012. Here is what you need to know about upgrading and choosing the right edition.

#6 How to join your first Windows Server 2012 to your domain

It’s release day for Windows Server 2012 and not too soon to learn how to add the new version to your domain. John Joyner takes you through the steps.

#7 Ten first steps with Windows Server 2012

Scott Lowe walks you through some of the first tasks administrators perform when deploying a new Windows server on the network. Here’s how it looks on Windows Server 2012.

#8 Windows Server 2012: Tips for setting share vs. NTFS permissions

Scott Lowe offers some tips on how NTFS and share permissions sometimes overlap. Here’s how to make sure you grant the right set of permissions to users.

#9 Set up your first Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Host

John Joyner walks you through the steps of setting up a single virtualization host using Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V and points out some of the new features.

#10 Microsoft SCCM 2012: Understand role-based access control
Scott Lowe explains the new security model in Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager of role-based access control. Here are the basics.