Interest in the John McAfee saga managed to take a top spot, but most of the attention was focused on some of the worst threats we had to be defending against this year — DNSChanger, Flame, Ramnit, and Internet scams. And, as always, privacy issues that spring from our love of apps and gadgets continue to be a source of concern.

#1 John McAfee tripped up by the smartphone

The case of John McAfee just gets weirder. Here’s how he was tracked down in Guatemala, where he is currently seeking asylum from Belize authorities.

#2 Flame malware targets Microsoft Update system: Patch now

Microsoft released a security alert and patch due to the disturbing news that the hugely complex Flame malware has spoofed MS-signed certificates, potentially making Microsoft Update a malware delivery mechanism. Yikes and double yikes.

#3 What you should know about Windows 8 security features
Alfonso Barreiro takes a detailed look at all the security features available in each edition of Windows 8, including what’s brand new, improved, and carried over from previous versions.

#4 Preparing for the DNSChanger Internet outage

Alfonso Barreiro tells all you need to know to clean up the DNSChanger malware that has affected millions of users. Make sure your organization is prepared for the July 9, 2012 deadline that the FBI has set to shut down temporary “clean” servers.

#5 Facing down the Ramnit virus on Facebook: Tips for protection and clean-up
Bob Eisenhardt explains how the Facebook virus Ramnit works, why it’s so bad, and how it can affect much more than a Facebook account.
#6 Microsoft to block keys less than 1024 bits in August software update
This is your last chance to prepare for an August update from Microsoft that will reject cryptographic keys less than 1024 bits.

#7 Locating cell-phone owners the non-GPS way

Using GPS, a cell phone can be located within a few feet. So why are researchers concerned about locating a cell phone by its association with a specific cell tower?

#8 Beware of QR codes

QR codes are a disruptive technology. Find out why bad guys are happy about that.

#9 The truth behind those Nigerian 419 scammers

Why would 419 scammers say they’re Nigerian, even if they are as American as apple pie? Michael Kassner provides some insight as to why.

#10 Android proof of concept shows remote surveillance is possible
Want to know what’s inside someone’s house? There’s an app for that – PlaceRaider.