The 10 most-viewed SMB Technologist articles published in
2013 cover Outlook, virtualization, CRM, and more. Thanks to our SMB
Technologist contributing writers and readers for your contributions this year.

1. Connect the Thunderbird email client to your Exchange server

Looking for an Outlook replacement? If so, try using Thunderbird with the
ExQuilla addon to get an email client connected with an Exchange 2007 or 2010

2. Troubleshoot Outlook connectivity with these quick tips
When Outlook won’t connect to the Exchange server, follow these steps
before calling IT for help.
3. Free CRM small business tools that boost efficiency
Many CRM tools are way above the budget of most SMBs. These four solutions
are at a price point your small business is sure to like — free. 
4. Import and export databases using phpMyAdmin
phpMyAdmin offers one of the easiest ways to import and export databases
on a MySQL environment. Follow along with Jack Wallen’s phpMyAdmin tutorial.
5. Configure a Squid proxy server through Webmin
Jack Wallen demonstrates how to set up a Squid proxy server through the
web-based Webmin administration tool.
6. Two portable rootkit tools no SMB should be without
Keep Bitdefender’s Rootkit Remover and Kaspersky’s TDSSKiller on a USB
drive, and your SMB will be ready when a machine is compromised by a rootkit.

7. Learn virtualization by creating a vSphere 5.5 home lab
If you’re new to virtualization, a good way to familiarize yourself with
the topic is to create a vSphere 5.5 home lab. Here’s how to do it.
8. Set up a basic website with Apache
Here are instructions on getting your small business website up and
running with Apache on Linux or Windows.
9. The three mistakes I made creating a Hyper-V virtual machine
When creating a Hyper-V virtual machine from scratch, beware of issues
with Windows licenses and disk creation. Oh, and don’t forget the administrator
10. Create your VMware test lab using AutoLab
AutoLab is a way to bring up a VMware environment through scripted
installs to create test/lab environments. Read why Lauren Malhoit calls this
tool awesome.