Our final Windows XP tip collection of the year offers a variety of popular techniques, such as retrieving information for multiple disk drives, using photos in the 3D Flying Objects screen saver, and customizing Windows Explorer.

TechRepublic has written thousands of tips, tweaks, tricks, and hacks since Windows XP first appeared on the scene — and this year has been no exception. We already collected a few of the most popular tips as 10+ ways to get more out of Windows XP and 10 Windows XP tricks and timesavers. Now it’s time to wind up 2008 with this final collection of some of the highest rated Windows XP techniques of the year.

You can download the collection as a PDF or use the links below to read individual posts in our Microsoft Windows blog.

#1: How do I … tweak Windows Explorer to open in a directory of my choosing?

#2: Permanently set your flash drive’s default AutoPlay action

#3: Add image thumbnails to folders in Windows Explorer

#4: Install Microsoft Management Console 3.0 for Windows XP SP2

#5: Copy desktop themes to other Windows XP computers

#6: Retrieve information for multiple Windows XP disk drives

#7: Manage the most frequently used programs list on your XP Start Menu

#8: Put your applications into a tabbed user interface with WinTabber

#9: Use photos in Windows XP’s 3D Flying Objects

#10: Configure Windows Explorer to display Windows XP disk drives

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