(excerpt from www.nwc.com 5.25.2006 -Andrew Conry-Murray and Tom Lasusa)

  1. OS X might infect Windows XP with usable features
  2. Who needs nuts when we have fruits?
  3. All those antivirus software licenses would go to waste
  4. If all computers ran like Macs, IT would be out of work
  5. They haven’t perfected the Apple users’s look of smug self-satisfaction
  6. The thought of Gates and Jobs “in bed together” gives them the willies
  7. If it ain’t broke, don’t Microsoft it
  8. You can’t right-click with a one-button mouse
  9. The IT staff thinks Boot Camp means having to jog and do pushups
  10. They’d miss the late nights and free pizza on Patch Tuesdays
  11. The “Blue Screen of Death” hasn’t been ported over yet