For those who have not heard, this is my final week as the host of the Geekend and author of Geek Trivia. My first “real” post on this blog involved a rant about the finale of Enterprise, bemoaning what had become of Star Trek. As I prepare to leave, Star Trek itself is about to be completely rebooted — to much Trekkie anxiety, as Scott Lowe notes — which offers some intriguing and perhaps fateful symmetry.

To mark the occasion, I offer the video above — the Ultimate Showdown between Star Wars and Star Trek — along with the list below, which includes the Top 20 Star Trek Geekend posts of all time. As both Trek and the Geekend begin anew, it seems only fitting. Enjoy.

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  2. When did Star Trek jump the shark?
  3. Video: USS Enterprise versus the Death Star
  4. When did Trekkers jump the shark?
  5. Star Trek Demotivators
  6. Why did the starship Enterprise have such a stupid bridge?
  7. Why Star Trek’s Prime Directive is stupid
  8. Play the original Star Trek video game from 1971
  9. Geek Trivia: Who was the only real-life astronaut ever cast in a Star Trek episode?
  10. Everything I need to know about my boss I learned from Star Trek
  11. Geek Trivia: What classic 20th century computer was owned by James T. Kirk?
  12. Video: The secret history of Star Trek’s theme music
  13. What do Star Trek and Starbucks have in common (with Apple)?
  14. The deadly data regression of Star Trek’s redshirts
  15. Video: Star Trek interviews from beyond the grave
  16. Video: James T. Kirk vs. James T. Kirk
  17. T-shirt(s) of the week: Star Trek TOS tunics
  18. Pics: Forcibly merging Star Wars and Star Trek
  19. T-shirt: Star Trek redshirt = ‘Expendable’
  20. Pic: The Klingon keyboard