Top 5 great work apps

Tom Merritt suggests business users check out these apps, which focus on project management, collaboration, email newsletters, and more.

Top 5 great work apps

Apps are the things that work is made of--it's how we plan, communicate, and execute most of what we do. What seems obvious to one worker may not be so for another. Let's take a look at five great work apps, just to make sure you're not missing anything.

  1. G Suite. I mean we could do a whole top 10 on these. Google Docs and Google Sheets alone have transformed collaboration--especially with people outside the office. Not to mention: Gmail.
  2. Microsoft Teams. It's fast becoming as common as Slack, but whether you use one or the other, it's a fast way to chat about what's going on, without the formality and reply-all risk of email.
  3. Mailchimp. Whether internal or external, it's the most popular way to manage a client's regular update needs. Despite all the problems with email, email newsletters still reign as one of the most effective pieces of marketing you can use.
  4. Trello. Have you heard of Kanban boards? Trello made them big. This is the project management app that almost manages itself.
  5. Typeform. Making interactive forms should not be hard in this day and age. Thankfully, with Typeform it's easier. If you need to collect some data, Typeform has got the fields.

Hopefully one or two of those will help you have a happier workplace.

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