Back in 2012, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics projected IT jobs would grow 22% by 2020. So far that’s a reasonable projection. But if you’re just starting out or deciding to improve your skills, where should you focus?

Thankfully, TechRepublic’s Alison DeNisco dug into the data to find out.

Here are the top five hottest IT jobs for 2017:

5. Analytics manager. If you like collecting data, analyzing information, and conducting research, Glassdoor says there are around 900 or so positions for you out there with a base salary of $105,000.

4. Quality assurance manager. You’re the person making sure products and services meet standards. This one is number two on Indeed and number 15 on Glassdoor with more than 3,000 openings. The base salary is around $85,000.

3. UX designer. Eight hundred or so positions with a base salary of $91,800 for people who can create good customer experiences, especially with mobility skills.

2. Entry-level engineer. Everybody needs some, lots of folks want to be one. Indeed ranked it number one in number of clicks per impression of a job listing.

1. Data scientist. Glassdoor ranks it the best job in America with more than 1,700 openings and a base salary of $116,840. Know Hadoop and other distributed systems? You’re needed.

Those are the hot jobs but they may not be for everyone. You can find all 10 of the hottest jobs in IT and more details about all of them here: Top 10 hottest IT jobs for 2017.

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