Whether you’re a small business looking for affordable storage or an employee looking to supplement what’s available through work, online storage is important. You want to keep your data accessible while staying safe and secure, but what can you get if you’re not an enterprise? Here are five options for online storage.

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  1. iDrive. iDrive.com is not from Apple. Its main application is cloud backup, but it also works well for storage. Mostly that’s because it doesn’t charge you for every device like some backup services. You can have one account for Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and more, and you pay based on how much storage you want. It has a business package with unlimited users.
  2. Nextcloud. Do you want to control your data? Do you want open source? Do you want both? Nextcloud runs on your existing servers and hard drives. You can maintain it yourself for no charge or pay for the business version.
  3. Google Workspace. Yes, the home of Google Docs combines cloud storage and office applications together and will also back up your smartphones. If you’re a Chromebook user, this one’s perfect.
  4. Box. It works well at sharing files with colleagues and assigning tasks, including leaving comments and sending notifications about file changes. It integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365.
  5. Dropbox. It’s sort of the granddaddy. You likely even have an account whether you use it or not, though free storage is more limited these days. Dropbox works in apps or the native file systems of Mac, Windows and Linux, making it great across platforms. It also has apps for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and BlackBerry. Yes, BlackBerry. If you need simple fast and easy access, Dropbox is your choice.

There’s also OneDrive for the Windows crows, Apple’s iCloud for the Apple folks and Amazon Drive, which frankly isn’t nearly as good as AWS, but if you really like Amazon, check it out.

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