Top 5: Reasons to pay attention to your company's audience on social media

Engaging with your social media followers can help you refine your message, improve products or services, and avoid making embarrassing mistakes.

Top 5 reasons to listen to customer feedback on social media

If your company has social media accounts, you have an audience. Even if you don't, your customers use social media, and they may be talking about your business anyway. Here are five reasons you need to pay attention to what they're saying:

1. It helps hone your message.

When you know the mood of your customers you have a better chance of making yourself understood. Read the room people. The Internet is your room now.

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2. You can make decisions before you're forced into it.

If you see what's driving your customers, you can anticipate what they might need or want next and be ready.

3. You can change a bad experience into a good one.

If you understand why your audience feels the way they do about your product you can fix it and tell them in a way they'll here. Hopefully before the dissatisfaction spreads.

4. You can adapt faster.

Maybe you didn't realize that a previously innocent word had taken on some recent sinister meaning do to current events or just a new meme. Watching your audience can tip you off fast and help you change your messaging.

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5. Plain and simple: it's another way to measure how well you're doing.

The level of positive and negative discussions around your product is one more metric for success.

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