Here are our top five tech surprises of 2017:

1. The success of Bitcoin

Well, it did fork a couple times, but neither proved fatal and the original blockchain kept going strong. Whether you think it’s a commodity or a currency, Bitcoin seems to be going strong for now.

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2. The rise of autonomous vehicles

Not only is Waymo fielding cars with no safety driver, but an autonomous bus even had a minor fender bender in Las Vegas and the idea of autonomous cars didn’t come crashing down in popular sentiment.

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3. Twitter

Take this however you want. You may be surprised it survived. You may be surprised how it became the dominant playground for politics. You may be surprised you found yourself watching TV on it.

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4. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods

Surprising in many ways, not the least of which is the poster child of online commerce investing even more heavily in brick and mortar. Amazon is expanding its physical bookstores too.

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5. Samsung Note’s rebound

In 2016 when Samsung recalled the Note 7, folks not only worried about Samsung’s bottom line for mobile but doubted they would ever see a Note again. Not only did Samsung release the Note 8 in Q3, but the company can credit the phone’s strong sales with helping the mobile business.

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