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Top 5: Ways AI will change business

AI isn't just hype--here's how it can help your business.

AI, the buzzword of the moment, is applied to everything from speakers to cars. It's hard to separate the hype from the reality sometimes, but there is some reality.

Here are five ways actual AI could change your business.

1. Cheaper analytics

If your company can't afford a data scientist, AI from cloud providers might give you a lot of the insights at less cost. AI analytics lets you ask for what you want and uses natural language processing to figure that out.

2. Hiring

Software can scan information and screen in seconds what used to take a hiring manager hours. You'll still want to conduct the interviews, but figuring out which candidates to talk to face-to-face can be much improved.

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3. Customization

Some fancy data processing, especially if the user makes their browser data available to you, can let AI speed up interactions by figuring out things like name and email address without even having to ask.

4. Anticipation

AI is getting good at being able to tell whether a customer really does want your product, is just browsing, or maybe looking for support. It can even help tell if you're about to lose a customer.

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5. Security

Machine learning that can recognize what a customer wants can also be used to recognize a customer who isn't really a customer. Techniques like generative adversarial networks can learn from what's happening and react to attacks in real time.

Not all these changes will happen immediately, but they're trends you'll want to keep an eye on so you can take advantage as soon as they're ready.

At least that's what the bot told me to say.

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