Alexa — I’m not trying to sneakily order toilet paper on your Amazon Echo — has come a long way since she first arrived in the Echo, appearing in TVs, working with smart homes and integrating into business.

So at the risk of setting her off again, here are five great uses for Alexa:

1. Connecting to conference calls

Alexa works with Cisco, Polycom, WebEx, Skype, Google G Suite, and more. What’s better than to walk into a conference room and just say, “Connect to my 10 a.m conference call?” Well, maybe having the call canceled, depending.

2. Managing your schedule

So if you want to check if that 10 a.m. is still on, or even cancel it yourself, just say so.

3. Calling IT or facilities

When set up in your business, you can ask Alexa to tell the appropriate department that your monitor is broken or the HVAC is on the fritz in the conference room or whatever.

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4. Combining your account with the company’s

Enrollment tools let employees use their own Amazon accounts on their Alexa devices at work, letting them carry over skills and preferences to their desk.

5. Enterprise-level security and manageability

If the idea of Alexa for business sounds tedious, keep in mind there are tools from Amazon to let you set up hundreds or thousands of devices without having to configure each one separately.

Now we’re talking. To our devices. At work.

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