Top 5: Ways to end resistance to digital transformation

Maybe your company's leadership is on board with digital transformation, but chances are, there's some resistance. Here's how to convince executives that it will benefit the business.

5 ways to get your company's executives on board with digital transformation

Digital transformation. It seems obvious. Businesses leverage digital technology to transform processes and procedures to optimize, well, everything.

Some of you are saying, "Yes, this is obvious, and I am only shocked that it isn't farther along."

Others of you are staring daggers at your executives for resisting it. Others of you are the executives. But hey, we're not here to judge.

Here are five ways to overcome resistance to digital transformation in your organization:

1. Get non-tech savvy leaders using services

Whether it's encouraging some on demand shopping or giving them a tablet with a streaming music and video service preloaded for their convenience. Get them comfortable living in the digital world.

2. Emphasize that digital transformation is about experience, not technology

It's easy to resist a complex piece of hardware that does a thing. It's harder to resist an end-user experience that improves things for workers, customers and clients.

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3. Talk about digital transformation's role in security

This is a common reason for resisting digital transformation because it increases the surface area risk. But if done right you'll end up making the entire enterprise more secure because you've transformed and have fewer loose ends and mismatched services and processes.

4. Go cross-functional in your pitch

Get IT, HR and ops to all work together to explain why this will help them and the company.

5. Develop a plan for change management

Digital transformation is truly scary because it can eliminate departments and cause displacement. Having a plan for managing that up front is not only good for your case, it's essential for implementation too.

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Yes, it's a whole new business model and yes, it can change ever'ything, but hopefully these will help you make the case that it is a good thing.

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