Top 5: Ways to get involved with internet governance

If you find yourself complaining about the internet, there are ways you can join in efforts to improve it. Here are some tips for beginners.

How to get involved with internet governance organizations

Lots of folks complain about the internet, but very few of them take part in governing it. Did you know that you run the Internet? Or at least you could help? Anyone can.

Here are five ways to take part in internet governance:

1. Follow the discussions.

Subscribe to mailing lists, or even just follow the Twitter accounts of the main organizations like the Internet Governance Forums and ICANN.

2. Take a free online course.

ICANN offers a beginners guide. The Internet Society, aka ISOC, does too. Even Diplo does. That would be, not the DJ.

3. Start expressing your opinions.

You don't need permission to speak up. It's what the discussion forums are for. You'll likely learn more if you sincerely engage in discussion too.

4. Look for local meetings.

If you can't find any, start one. Just having a meetup for local people interested in internet governance could spark something useful in your area.

5. Join a special interest group.

Once you start figuring out which aspects of internet governance interest you the most, you can go to and join one. Blockchains? Internet of Food? Interplanetary networking? SIGs require Internet Society membership which is free.

These are just a few ways to pitch in and help improve the internet. Once you get going on some of these you'll find a lot more.

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