Top 5 ways to get more women in your workforce

Creating a more diverse workforce can have many benefits for tech companies. Tom Merritt shares five tips for getting women interested in applying.

Top 5 ways to get more women in your workforce

According to a 2018 study published by Deloitte (PDF), having more women in your workforce means lower project costs, better problem-solving, and increased innovation, among other things. But companies often say it's hard to get women to apply for jobs--we can help. Here are five ways to get more women to apply for tech jobs.

  1. Be proactive and market to women: If you're not finding women applicants in the normal ways you recruit, look beyond those areas. Find non-traditional places that have women's attention and recruit there.
  2. Pay women the same as men: It's a big signal that you're committed to your female employees. Make sure you do it, and make sure it's known.
  3. Sponsor K-12 STEM programs: It's a longer term bet, but getting kids familiar with your company may make them more interested in working there. And if the STEM program is half girls, you could end up finding more of them interested in working at your company when they grow up.
  4. Make sure you have women leaders in your company: Not only will this provide mentorship to new workers, but from the outside it will show that your work culture is inclusive.
  5. Make sure your benefits appeal to women: A report from Indeed found two-thirds of women surveyed named health insurance as most important when considering a new job. Other benefits like vacation time, regular bonuses, and parental leave were also listed as important.

Some of these are easier than others, but if you want the benefits of a diverse workplace, they're worth looking into. For more tips and info, check out "How tech companies can recruit and retain more women" by Kristen Lotze.

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