Podcasts are a great way to hear the insights of enjoyable people to help you keep informed on important topics. Like the latest episode of Westworld, maybe.

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As the host of Daily Tech News Show, I often get asked the best way to keep up on podcasts on mobile. Here are five ways to get podcasts on the go.

  1. Overcast is an iOS app by developer Marco Arment. People who value design and usability constantly rave about it. And it’s got some good playlist building and filter features as well.
  2. CastBox is an Android app that does a great job at recommending podcasts based on ones you subscribe to, as well as having a robust store with lots of customer reviews and audiobooks.
  3. TuneIn Radio: Lots of podcast apps promise live streaming, but TuneIn makes that the centerpiece with the ability to get talk, sports, and music from radio stations around the world. The app also includes podcasts as well as audiobooks.
  4. Feedly: For some people reading the news is equal to the need to listen to it. With Feedly, you can subscribe to any RSS feed. Granted, it’s meant for reading RSS feeds, but I know many people who add their podcasts feeds to it and use it to listen. It’s not great for making long playlists, so it depends on what your listening style is.
  5. PocketCasts: This is the one I use on Android and iOS. It has an excellent store with easy discoverability, a lovely interface for management, including an easy way to queue up episodes from different shows to play one after another. And the cloud syncing works great, so when I pick up my Android phone it knows what I last listened to on iOS and goes from there.

There’s a podcast for every style and taste. And a podcast app to go with them.

Like podcasts themselves, almost anybody can do a podcast app, but it takes talent to do them well. Hope these help.