Anxiety is normal. In a world full of devices that make us more efficient and constantly available it’s no surprise that we have more fear and stress. Anxiety can interfere with learning, hurt your memory and lower your immunity.

It’s not good for anybody and denying it or minimizing it doesn’t help.

Here are five ways to help employees with anxiety issues:

1. Encourage your company to add health and wellness programs.

It could be yoga or meditation or another kind of exercise but wellness programs help a lot. Suggest some to your HR head, or CEO, or both.

2. Encourage your employees to use wellness programs your company offers.

But even beyond that you can generally encourage exercise, meditation, vacations, and hobbies.

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3. Don’t make seeing a doctor for anxiety sound dramatic or odd.

If your leg turns red and swells up, you’re going to the doctor. If you have depression or panic attacks, you’re going to the doctor. That’s why doctors exist. To help you with this stuff.

4. Be aware of company factors that raise anxiety.

Layoffs, reorgs, mergers and more. These are all things managers tend to not want to talk about, and for good reasons. But they can eat away at employees because of the uncertainty. Let people ask about them and tell them as much as you can. Just be honest.

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5. Keep expectations realistic.

Not every superstar is a superstar every day. Don’t expect it. Give your high performers time off and expect off days.

Dealing with anxiety can give a manager anxiety. I get it. So use that. Help others the way you’d like to be helped and hopefully you’ll all feel better.

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