Top 5 ways to spot tech talent

Finding good employees for tech companies can be challenging. Tom Merritt offers five ways to find the best tech talent for your company.

Top 5 ways to spot tech talent

Interviewing is a dark art both for the candidate and the hiring manager, but there are some things you can do to tell when someone you're interviewing is the real deal. Here are five ways to spot top tech talent.

  1. They cite examples of their accomplishments. The more details the better. Look for a person who doesn't say "I built a server." Look for a person who tells you how they built a server and talks about overcoming the problems in building it and the maintenance that came after.
  2. Look for someone where the job is also their hobby. Don't get this confused with "they will work 100 hour weeks." I just mean that the person sees the kinds of things you do as fun and does some of them on their own, too.
  3. Do they talk about teams? You want to hear stories of how they collaborated with teammates to solve a problem. When they talk about the types of coworkers they've enjoyed working with, you should hear them describing different kinds of people, not just versions of themselves.
  4. Find out what they'd do if they were in charge. If you do, you'll hear what kind of technology they favor and what their vision of an ideal workplace is. If all they want to do is punch a clock, you'll be able to tell.
  5. Test them. If you have a particular skill you need, have candidates do some basic troubleshooting or configurations. It doesn't have to be burdensome or even classroom-like, just something that lets them show their skills.

There's still no guarantee when hiring, but certain strategies can help bring out a little more of the real potential of a possible employee.

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