There are loads of tools to help you collaborate and communicate with co-workers and keep intraoffice communication running smooth.

Just recently in fact there’s been quite an explosion. So to help cut down on the confusion, here five work collaboration tools you should know about:

1. Slack

I know, I know, right. Who doesn’t know about Slack, the hip new chat tool with the amazing app and bot integrations that some say could replace email? Well, there is that one person, so let’s not embarrass them shall we? Slack is free to use with a few limits like number of people, length of searchable archives, etc.

2. Trello

The project management software includes deadline reminders, email notifications, task management, and a developer API for third-party integrations as well, including with Slack.

3. Microsoft Teams

This app combines chat, meetings notes and attachments, and integrates into Microsoft’s Office product and Skype as you might expect. For now only the employees of the subscribing company can access it, so it’s not great for small business or freelancers at this point.


This collaboration tool has become something of an old standard. Its roots are in bug tracking, but it also can handle issue tracking and project management.

5. Facebook’s Workplace

It can replace your intranet while making it easy for teams to collaborate, chat, and automate tasks with bots. It even does automatic cross-language translation. Just because it’s from Facebook doesn’t mean it’s not productive.

There’s more where that came from but that should give you the overview. Here’s to choosing one that has you collaborating in the best way possible.

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