The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digital transformation efforts across industries. At the same time, organizations have adopted remote work policies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in-house while enabling remote collaboration. To do so, many organizations have deployed a vast suite of technologies to enable a remote workforce, with cloud and multicloud solutions at the core of such strategies.

While some companies have started to bring employees back to the traditional office others have made long-term commitments to remote work in the years ahead. Below, we’ve outlined a number of TechRepublic Premium resources as well as provided helpful tips and checklists to assist organizations with their cloud management and storage policy needs.

Cloud data storage policy

Many organizations leverage a number of third-party cloud storage options in the traditional office or in a virtual setting. While these solutions streamline workflows and provide employees access to critical materials, any cloud or multicloud strategy will come with its own cybersecurity concerns. The TechRepublic Premium cloud data storage policy establishes protocols to ensure that organizational information is maintained securely. As an added benefit, this cloud data storage policy is customizable allowing organizations to tailor the resource to fit their specific needs in the present and as these preferences change in the future.

Cloud data warehouse guide and checklist

Cloud data storage services help organizations store, manage, and compartmentalize their vast amounts of data in one secure location. Needless to say, selecting an appropriate cloud data warehouse storage vendor is a critical business decision, and the ideal choice will be different depending on the needs of the organization. That said, the cloud data warehouse guide and checklist are intended to help companies ensure that they are selecting the right cloud-storage warehouse provider to support and secure their organization.

Top cloud providers in 2020: AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, hybrid, SaaS players

In 2021, there is certainly no shortage of cloud providers and hybrid options to consider. This ebook provides a roundup of top cloud providers, juxtaposing the major players in the market. This resource also helps organizations understand potential shortcomings and comparative advantages on a provider-by-provider basis to determine which option is best suited to meet their objectives.