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The collection and organization of data, especially for big organizations, has always been a daunting task that can overwhelm even the fastest of data entry clerks. No big organization wishes to rely on manual gathering, sorting and computation of data in a business landscape that is becoming increasingly automated with data entry software tools.

In the software market today, there are multiple data entry tools laden with features that can automate data entry for business organizations. But which are the top data entry automation tools in 2022?

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Top data entry tools for automation


One of the data entry tools that have witnessed a great level of adoption in 2022 is nTask. Apart from providing top-notch data entry features for organizations, it is also a perfect project management tool for organizations that wish to have data entry and project management in one suite.

The nTask tool is loaded with some important features that can enhance data gathering, sorting and accuracy. Organizations can also benefit from nTask’s risk management feature, which is built to scrutinize every detail in your data set. With these features, you can reliably sort and process your data with minimal errors.

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From the sign-in page to your main dashboard, the nTask tool provides a unique user interface that is easy to navigate. With kanban boards and Gantt chart integrations, there are multiple ways to view your data on the software.

nTask comes with a free, 14-day free trial for the tool and other paid subscription plans designed to fit different levels of business.

Key features of nTask:

  • Provides team task management
  • Supports Gantt charts
  • Features collaboration tools
  • Supports data import and export
  • Supports project management


Infinity is another data entry automation tool that any organization can leverage for data management. The tool comes with several customizations and frameworks that can fit businesses of any size. In addition, this software provides excellent features such as the ability to label your data, folders, texts and checkboxes, which are helpful in data management activities.

Depending on your preference, there are multiple ways to view your data on Infinity. Some of them include Gantt, Calendar, Table and Columns view. Each of these viewing methods can be organized to further reflect your preference.

The software supports powerful integration with other tools that enhance productivity in any organization. Some notable integrations you can get on Trinity are Zapier, Trello and Clockify. These integrations are necessary because users can easily import data from them and arrange them on the software. This reduces the time organizations spend trying to pull data from these integrated tools manually.

Infinity also has security features to keep your data confidential and protected from data breaches. Apart from ensuring that your data are backed up twice a day, there is also a 265-bit TLS encryption to protect your data.

Infinity has a one-time payment plan that supports up to 50GB of storage capacity and other perks. However, there are other high subscription plans for businesses that need more features.

Key features of Infinity:

  • Supports CSV file import and export
  • Automatic daily backup
  • Data encryption
  • Integration with popular team management tools like Trello and Clockify
  • Support activity tracking on data
  • Easily help with customization of data viewing methods
  • The UI supports drag and drop for almost all the tools in the software

Zoho Forms

Another data entry automation software your organization can try is Zoho Forms. This data entry tool is packed with incredible features that can improve data management in organizations of any size.

One of the main features of Zoho Form comes from its customization tools that allow organizations to customize their data with the company logo, colors and themes. This feature gives uniqueness and some legitimacy to organizational data.

Zoho Forms also supports email notification alerts to notify you of every activity in your data. This feature can be customized to exclude some notifications on some changes to your data. With a supportive drag-and-drop user interface, Zoho Forms could be a great tool for beginner-level admin assistants in organizations.

What’s more, this tool offers a free trial for users who want to have a feel of the tool before making any financial commitment. Zoho Forms offers a monthly subscription plan to access their premium offers.

Key features of Zoho Forms:

  • Supports email alerting for changes made to the data
  • Offers drag-and-drop dashboard
  • Users can customize the tools to reflect their company themes and logo
  • Provides collaboration features for teams
  • You can import and export data from other tools

Foxtrot RPA

Foxtrot RPA is another data entry tool that can help your organization to automate the data entry process. Apart from automating the data entry process for businesses, this tool is designed to add an intelligent robot system that can interact with your computers to perform other tasks like mouse movements and clicking keystrokes.

In addition to an easy-to-use user interface, this tool can facilitate the process of data scraping on the internet and structuring the data in a way users can understand. Also, with Foxtrot RPA, you can easily import your excel data without experiencing any missing fields.

The tool is also compatible with any company size and offers an opportunity to feel out the tool through a free trial. After your free trial, you can continue using the tool for a monthly fee.

Key features of Foxtrot RPA:

  • Supports image capture
  • Match and merge your data
  • Provides a full catalog of mathematical formulas
  • Offers team collaboration
  • Facilitates data management capabilities like data cleansing, discovery and retrieval


ProntoForms may be the ideal choice for a data entry tool if your organization prefers cloud-based automation tools. It is a tool any organization can leverage to pull data from different sources across the internet. In addition, this data entry tool offers much flexibility in allowing users to customize the template and dashboard to fit their needs.

If you’re also worried about how you can turn your data into a professional-looking document, ProntoForms handles this process automatically, saving you more time to focus on other complex tasks.

There is a monthly payment plan for the product, but users have the opportunity to start with a free trial.

Key features of ProntoForms:

  • Offers visual mapping capability
  • Provides QR code and barcode scanning of documents
  • Comes with a pre-built template library
  • Capture images
  • Interact with your calendar


Here is a data entry tool that is most suitable for organizations in the health industry. Entrypoint is packaged to enhance data processing activities by automating data transfer, verification, abbreviation detection, form checking and image capturing.

Furthermore, this tool can export data in PDF, CSV and XML forms. You have different pricing variations to choose from: Essentials, Advanced and Enterprise. While the Essentials and Advanced come with prices, you need to request a quote to use the Enterprise plan.

Key features of Entrypoint:

  • Offers data verification and capture
  • Detects data duplication easily
  • Supports image capture
  • Detects wrong data variation


Typeform is another featured-packed data entry automation that has gained huge popularity over the years for its focus on improving customer experience. The software can fit businesses of any size and integrates fluidly with popular tools like SalesForce, Mailchimp and Google Sheets. In addition to the automation features which users can leverage for data processing activities, Typeform also offers you the flexibility to create custom fields that suit your business requirements.

There is a free plan that is limited in functionality and a monthly payment plan if you wish to get every feature in the software.

Key features of Typeform:

  • Supports the addition of custom fields
  • Provides tools for survey management
  • Offers notifications on changes made to your data
  • Offers several third-party integrations
  • Easily import and export data from other sources


If you need a data entry tool that can help your organization gather data, structure the data and create additional secure protection over your data, the Fluix software falls within this description. Built to support organizations with data management and workflow automation, Fluix can enhance the speed and accuracy with which you gather and deliver data projects.

The tool also offers collaborative tools and integrates perfectly with notable applications such as PowerBI and Tableau, which enhance your data management. You can start using this tool on a free trial or adopt their monthly plan according to your business needs.

Key features of Fluix:

  • Offers barcode scanning to users
  • You can build custom forms with the form builder features
  • Data extraction is supported
  • Offers API integrations
  • Automatically reports activities on your data


Conexiom is an excellent data entry tool that supports data in multiple formats such as CVV, PDF, HTML PCL and GDI. It’s a cloud-based tool that can facilitate the conversion of sales, email and other forms of reports and deliver them in data forms. There is also support for third-party collaboration and inventory applications to enhance productivity.

You can get a feel of this tool by requesting a demo or contacting the team for pricing details.

Key features of Conexiom:

  • Supports accurate data extraction
  • Converts digital documents into structured data of your choice
  • Supports custom configurations to fit your needs
  • Provides excellent visibility into your data
  • Supports image scanning

Zed Axis

Zed Axis is a data entry and management tool ideal for organizations looking to import and structure several data types such as QBO, Excel, IIF, bank statement sheets, QIF, OFX and QFX. In addition, Zed Axis helps organizations to facilitate the conversion of reports, purchase orders and bills from third-party apps into well-classified data.

You can use this tool by purchasing the license or using the annual subscription method.

Key features of Zed Axis:

  • Offers multiple file formats
  • Seamless integration with Quickbooks
  • Supports advanced importing features
  • Supports updates and upgrades to include more innovations

What are data entry tools?

Data entry tools are robust software tools designed to eliminate the manual handling of data from gathering, sorting, inputting and sharing. In addition, these tools are very fast and can drastically reduce human error, inefficiencies and the cost your organization may incur in paying skilled data entry clerks.

Features of data entry tools

Data entry tools are loaded with amazing features that can help your organization automate many data entry processes. Getting acquainted with some of these features is a sure way to make the right choice for your organization when faced with multiple data entry tools from which to choose.

Data classification

Modern data entry tools can categorize your data, regardless of the volume, making it easy for you to use. Classification of organizational data makes it easy for organizations to track, manipulate and use individual pieces of data.

Electronic forms

This is another great feature of modern data entry tools. With the availability of electronic forms, you can easily create form fields according to your needs and use the autofill function to fill up these custom fields. These forms also allow you to convert the data entered into other types of data for better usage.

Ability to scan

With data entry software, you can easily scan data regardless of the form they are saved. The scanning ability is crucial in storing visual data elements. You can also pick these scanned visual images, convert them to other data forms and use them where appropriate.

Data extraction

Data extraction is one of the most challenging aspects of data processing. It involves retrieving different data types from varying sources and organizing them in a structured whole. With a data entry software tool, your organization can easily automate this process while increasing efficiency and reducing completion time.

Validation of data

Another thing manual data entry will never guarantee is data validation. Data validation feature ensures that the data entered is correct and valid for the purpose it is meant for. So, with a data entry tool, your organization can easily automate this process and ensure that your data sets are entirely correct.

Data cleaning

Here is another feature every good data entry tool can give your organization. Data cleaning involves the process of scanning and ridding data records of errors and invalid data.

Integration and real-time synching

Another feature that sets powerful data entry tools apart is the ability to integrate with other software tools. Also, they feature the ability to collect and syn content in real-time.

Benefits of data entry software

Increases accuracy

The accuracy of data is essential in every organization. Data entry tools automatically scan every data entered with given parameters to ensure they are valid.

Saves money

Data entry software tools help organizations to save money that would have been used to pay skilled data entry clerks. With a data entry tool, your organization improves efficiency while paying less for the tool.

Saves time

With improved efficiency, automation and speed, data entry tools help businesses to save time. Plus, businesses can easily manage a high volume of data and process them in a few seconds without manual delays.

Easy data modification

Data can be easily modified and transformed from one type to another using a data entry tool. The tools can also allow you to change your data from graphs to charts and more with ease.

Reduces paperwork

Deploying data entry automation tools can help organizations cut down the cost of paper as there is hardly any need to print out data pages before sending them to a recipient. Besides reducing paper costs, using data entry tools also limits the need for things like file cabinets, printers and office operators who ensure that your files are well arranged.

Improved data clarity with digital copies

As digital copies continue to replace physical copies in many areas of business, data entry tools also help your business to organize data records, save them digitally and distribute them in digital forms. In other words, with data entry tools, it becomes easy for organizations to locate data records without having to ransack the office space, as is obtainable when you store data files in physical copies.