It was quite a year over at TechRepublic’s Career Management blog. Here are the five top blogs according to page views:

10 boring phrases you should cut from your resume

You may think it’s not a big deal to use some of those tried-and-true resume phrases like “results oriented” or “team player,” but believe me, no one who has to go through piles of resumes will be impressed by them. Here are some more clichéd phrases that you should do away with.

10 signs of incompetent managers

We run down some of the worst signs of bad managers in this blog, and the TechRepublic community chimed in with dozens more.

12 technology terms that date you

This blog centered on a discussion of a piece written by Carolyn Duffy Marsan and featured on Marsan listed 12 tech phrases that she says should never be spoken in the workplace. The TechRepublic audience had a huge problem with her list, as you can tell from the discussion.

Three things a manager never wants to hear you say

There are a host of things a manager never wants to hear from a member of his staff. But here are three of them that could strike fear in the heart of your manager simply by their implications.

32 online tools that can help your tech freelancing career

Perhaps due to company staff cutbacks, many people are looking to do freelance IT. In this blog, we offer links to a number of great online tools that can make the day-to-day elements of freelancing and marketing yourself a little easier.