Demand for tech staff across the UK continues to be strong, with some skillsets in particularly short supply.

Figures published by KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation placed IT fourth in its nine-category league table for permanent staff demand. Demand for tech staff continued to be strong though slightly down on December – when demand reached levels not seen since the millennium.

Employers’ need for temporary IT staff also remained strong despite easing slightly from that recorded one month previously (at which the index hit a level not seen since the late nineties).

In terms of permanent staff, the skills reported in short supply during January include C++ developers, Java, .Net and PHP skills as well as project managers, technical consultants and tech support staff.

When it comes to temporary staff the skills most reported to be in short supply during January included techies with business intelligence, SAP, SQL and Java knowledge as well as .Net developers, project managers, and tech support.

The report said overall UK job vacancies are growing at the fastest rate since 1998. Head of business services at KPMG Bernard Brown said: “Employer confidence continues to grow, with the thirst for new staff hitting a fifteen-and-a-half year high in January.”

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