Our colleagues at CNET have compiled their list of the top five “tech turkeys” of 2009. In this video, CNET Executive Editor Tom Merritt explains why these products made their list:

5. Motorola TN30

4. Twitter Peek

3. Garmin Nuvifone G60

2. Danger’s Sidekick servers

1. Brother MFC-5890CN

There’s one product that we’ll add to this list. Of the 26 products we reviewed for the TechRepublic 2009 Geek Gift Guide, one item stood out as being our least favorite. The product that receives this dubious honor is the Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard with media remote, which has a suggested retail price of $149.99. In his review, TechRepublic Senior Editor Mark Kaelin concludes: “The Logitech diNovo Mini keyboard with media remote and ClickPad has geek gadget credibility, but it is really a device looking for a market. With some improvements it might be a viable replacement for typical navigational devices attached to your multimedia PC, but in its current incarnation, it is not really worth the additional cost.”

If you’ve used any of these products, please let us know in the discussion if you would recommend them. (We’ve already heard from a couple of members who say they like the diNovo Mini keyboard.) Also, what 2009 tech item would you add to this list?

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