Toshiba has developed a new type of rechargeable battery that is superior to current generation lithium-ion batteries.  Dubbed the Super Charge ion Battery (SCiB), Toshiba claims that the new battery can recharge to 90% of total capacity in fewer than five minutes with a lifespan pegged at more than 10 years.

Excerpt from DailyTech:

The SCiB batteries can recharge with as much as 50 amperes of current and but with capacity loss after 3,000 cycles of less than 10%. Toshiba also says the battery has excellent safety with the new negative electrode material having a high level of thermal stability and a high flash point. The battery is also said to be structurally resistant to internal short-circuiting and thermal runaway.

Probably due to the massive battery recalls from last year, Toshiba is targeting the industrial segment first for its initial launch.  Still, something like this could revolutionize mobility and actually make it worth paying for an expensive high-capacity battery for your laptop.

There is no news on the power density of this battery though.

The first of these batteries will be ready for industrial uses in March 2008.