TechRepublic’s EIC Jason Hiner says it’s time to stop the madness surrounding the 3D gimmick. Find out how the TechRepublic community responded in the discussion thread, and then learn what other topics and members were the most active on the boards.

Top 5 discussion threads:

  1. Stop being duped by the 3D scam (Jason Hiner)
  2. Dying for immortality? You just may have to. (Todd Fluhr)
  3. Being tracked by your iPhone: Do you care? (Selena Frye)
  4. Smartphone apps: They may be listening (Michael Kassner)
  5. Poll: Is youth or experience more valuable for working in IT? (Jason Hiner)

TR members with the most total posts on the forums

  1. apotheon (62 posts)
  2. seanferd (57 posts)
  3. AnsuGisalas (56 posts)
  4. Tony Hopkinson (45 posts)
  5. toddfluhr (43 posts)
TR members with the most Votes Up in the Discussions forum
  1. toddfluhr (57)
  2. Tony Hopkinson (44)
  3. AnsuGisalas (40)
  4. seanferd (38)
  5. apotheon and Sterling Chip Camden (35)

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Q&A forum

  1. robo_dev (6)
  2. Tony HopkinsonPeconet Tietokoneet, and CG IT (2)

Top spam busters

  1. Palmetto and seanferd (6)
  2. NickNielsen (4)
  3. SinisterSlay and PurpleSkys (2)

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