Jason Hiner’s post about the philosophical differences between Apple and Google’s cloud generated the hottest discussion thread of the week. You’ll also find out what other topics and members were the most active on the boards.

Top 5 discussion threads:

  1. Apple cloud vs. Google cloud: The philosophical differences (Jason Hiner)
  2. 10 principles the Linux community should revisit (Jack Wallen)
  3. The Linux desktop circus (Jack Wallen)
  4. Why clean code is more important than efficient code (Chad Perrin)
  5. Six things geek dads REALLY want for Father’s Day (Jason Hiner)

TR members with the most total posts on the forums

  1. AnsuGisalas (126 posts)
  2. seanferd (72 posts)
  3. Palmetto (66 posts)
  4. apotheon (54 posts)
  5. Neon Samurai (51 posts)
TR members with the most Votes Up in the Discussions forum
  1. apotheon (74)
  2. AnsuGisalas (68)
  3. Neon Samurai (62)
  4. Palmetto (59)
  5. smcdonough (52)

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Q&A forum

  1. OH Smeg (8)
  2. UAnimosity, seanferd, pj.hutchison, and robo_dev (4)
  3. EricKs2008 (3)
  4. TheChas, Who Am I Really, and mastersataberdeen (2)

Top spam busters

  1. Hal 9000 (22)
  2. PurpleSkys (14)
  3. OH Smeg and seanferd (10)
  4. Johnson.Charles.C and sperry532 (4)

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