As promised, the weekly stats from the former TechRepublic Hot 5 video series will continue in text format with the new TR Community scoreboard, which will publish every Friday in the TR Out Loud blog. Be sure to take a look at the entire post for additional announcements.

Top 5 discussion threads:

  1. How do degrees from online schools stack up with hiring managers? (Toni Bowers)
  2. The NTIA wants cell phone jamming solutions (Chad Perrin)
  3. Facebook proves that the erosion of privacy is inevitable (Donovan Colbert)
  4. Poll: Who is the geekiest TV character? (Mary Weilage)
  5. 11 classic scenes from sci-fi movies (Mary Weilage)

TR members with the most total posts on the forums

  1. santeewelding (133 posts)
  2. Palmetto (82 posts)
  3. NickNielsen (72 posts)
  4. Peconet Tietokoneet (70 posts)
  5. OH Smeg (54 posts)

TR members with the most Thumbs for answering Questions

  1. Peconet Tietokoneet (5 thumbs)
  2. jfuller05 (2 thumbs)
  3. TheChas (2 thumbs)
  4. CG IT (2 thumbs)
  5. OH Smeg (2 thumbs))

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