TechRepublic’s EIC Jason Hiner instigated a hot discussion this past week when he talked about his favorite uses for the iPad. Find out what other topics and members were the most active on the boards.

Top 5 discussion threads:

  1. I discovered a third use for the iPad (Jason Hiner)
  2. Suicides at iPhone manufacturing plants cause corporate change (Toni Bowers)
  3. Samsung and Acer Chromebooks: More netbook than notebook (Bill Detwiler)
  4. When the Significant Other pulls rank (Chip Camden)
  5. 10 things you can do to conserve Internet bandwidth (Brien Posey)

TR members with the most total posts on the forums

  1. AnsuGisalas and seanferd (55 posts)
  2. Palmetto (49 posts)
  3. jck and Hal 9000 (42 posts)
  4. robo_dev (39 posts)
  5. OH Smeg and AV . (34 posts)
TR members with the most Votes Up in the Discussions forum
  1. robo_dev (44)
  2. AnsuGisalas (33)
  3. Hal 9000 (28)
  4. bill.andersen (25)
  5. maxwell edison (21)

TR members with the most Votes Up in the Q&A forum

  1. robo_dev (3)
  2. Who Am I Really (2)

Top spam busters

  1. seanferd (7)
  2. Palmetto (4)
  3. Who Am I Really (2)
  4. inouyde, keithc, jck, SKDTech, chuck.jolley, and Frowie (1)

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