In the hottest discussion of this past week, Head Blogs Editor Toni Bowers shared information about a pending lawsuit over someone being fired because of their Facebook comments. Find out what other discussions and TechRepublic members were the most active on the boards.

Top 5 discussion threads:

  1. Another firing over Facebook comments: Lawsuit pending (Toni Bowers)
  2. Linux vs. Windows: Suspending logic and reason for blind faith (dcolbert)
  3. The many eyes that matter for security are the friendly eyes (Chad Perrin)
  4. Why you should never trust Facebook (Chad Perrin)
  5. Google raises the white flag on transforming the US wireless industry (Jason Hiner)

TR members with the most total posts on the forums

  1. Palmetto (97 posts)
  2. dcolbert, AnsuGisalas, and Tony Hopkinson (96 posts)
  3. Oz_Media (86 posts)
  4. santeewelding (68 posts)
  5. seanferd and Sterling Chip Camden (67 posts)

TR members with the most Thumbs for answering Questions

  1. OH Smeg (10 thumbs)
  2. TobiF (4 thumbs)
  3. seanferd (3 thumbs)
  4. becabill (2 thumbs)

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