This tip was provided by Jacky Howe.

Follow these troubleshooting steps if you receive a RAW filesystem message when connecting to an external hard drive via USB.

  1. First off, try connecting to a rear port, as it could be just a problem with the USB connection, the USB cable, the USB hub, or the USB enclosure
  2. If that isn’t successful, remove the drive from the USB enclosure and connect it directly to the motherboard (see the documentation that came with your system)
  3. Start the system
  4. Open Internet Explorer to check the drive letter that’s been allocated to the drive
  5. Restart the system
  6. Press the WindKey + R to open the Run dialog box
  7. Type cmd and press Enter
  8. Now type chkdsk driveletter:/r

Let it run through, and you should now have access to your data.

If you have additional tips for dealing with RAW filesystems, please post them in this discussion thread.

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