This tip was provided by Jacky Howe.

Do you have some nice photos that you would like to be able to present?

  1. Select an empty folder or create a new empty folder in which to save your presentation
  2. Copy the pictures that you choose to the folder (for best results, the pictures should have either a .bmp or .jpg file extension)
  3. Right-click on a blank area of the Desktop and select Properties
  4. Click the Screen Saver tab, and from the Screen saver drop-down box, click My Pictures Slideshow
  5. In the Wait box, set the amount of time you want to elapse before the screen saver is displayed
  6. Click the Settings button that’s in between the Screen saver drop down box and Preview button
  7. Adjust the sliding bar for How often should pictures change? (between 6 seconds and 3 minutes)
  8. From Use pictures in this folder, click the Browse button to locate the folder where you saved the presentation
  9. Click OK twice, and then select the Preview button from the Display Properties window to see your new display.
  10. Click OK one last time, and enjoy!

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